16 minutes of good vibes for your listening pleasure

I struggle with mental illness and wrote this EP.

If you only have four minutes, listen to “Once Again.”

For anyone who gets it (and for those who don’t)!

I am not sure

I can’t believe that human rights are even on the table in 2019. But, a whole party has made it that way. An entire mechanism of fear and hate!

They use religion to blind you and keep you afraid.

They give you just enough momentum with catch phrases like “the intolerant left” and “America!” that misguide you, leaving you feeing a sense of “dignity” and “pride.”

For what? When will it end? When will it stop?

It won’t… It’s not going to.

Not without everyone losing their rights, one by one.

This is how Hitler did business. And, you know how that turned out?

I consider myself an optimist, but as change seekers, we have got to:

A) Be smarter! B) Continue on with a level of resolve.

And even still, I am not sure.

Keeping the music alive

I am working on some new projects where my music production is concerned.

I have been setting and achieving goals in this area for almost five years, and this has been my biggest year of growth.

My goal is to keep this blog alive, so I will check in again next week with another update!

Thanks for reading!

FYI I make Chillout music for free (bandcamp download at the link below).


Experimenting with a hardware digital audio workstation (DAW)

I have produced a lot of songs using software. In fact, all of my songs as Chillout Already have been produced using software.

Now, though, I want to revisit my roots by producing music with hardware.

It’s not as precise in a lot of cases, but fun nonetheless!

Here is my most recent song, as created using mainly software.

Psychiatric medication adjustment

About a month ago, I wrote the following post:


In it, I discussed taking away a pretty important medication to me, thinking I didn’t need it.

As I didn’t have any withdrawal effects from this particular medication, and all seemed to be going well without it, I thought I was fine.

Now, though, I’ve had to revisit my situation and recognize that I needed something to take its place (and sooner rather than later).

The medication is a mood stabilizer and I am back to taking a different one at this time.

All is well, or as good as can be expected. 🙂