On the way to good self-care: Addressing a mental health concern

I know a lot of people have mental health conditions, including many creative people. And, I’d be lying if I said that I was without my own mental health concern.

Like many others out there, I’ve been in some pretty dark corners in my life. And, my how my life has changed since the days before I became medicated!

In an effort to become more stable, I began addressing “trouble” areas that began (or were exacerbated), while on my way to getting a diagnosis.

A good example of something I began working on (with some professional intervention), was my becoming more effective in my communication.

Diagnosis or no diagnosis, what kinds of things have you personally worked through that have had a favorable impact on your mental health?

10 thoughts on “On the way to good self-care: Addressing a mental health concern

  1. I can feel good about myself if I have done something, even just one thing, every day. It can be something “insignificant”: I cleaned the kitchen floor; I painted a picture; I added an item to my website; I spoke to someone (in Italian, my other language) at the cafe. I just need that one thing to feel good about.

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  2. Spending time with a good therapist can be very helpful.And being of a religious mindset, I always find solace in celebrating the sacraments. Receiving the Eucharist no less than weekly, daily if possible; and especially the sacrament of Reconciliation, with the right confessor it is even more effective than therapy.

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  3. It was in the hard times I grew the most. It was there the Holy Spirit taught me the three ways to solve problems or addictions.
    One: It is too strong for me and it has to be completely surrendered unto Christ.
    Two: It will take team work in conjunction with the Holy Spirit. I must be completely obedient unto His guidance.
    Three: My Heavenly Beloved knows I can handle the situation and therefore must be accomplished by myself.
    Being sensitive to the Holy Spirit guides me to which manner the problem must be solved.
    Joseph a so of Jehovah (when we are adopted into His family we are His sons and daughters).


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